Wendy here ….. Today it was absolutely gorgeous outside! There was plenty of sunshine and even this morning it was near perfect conditions for wandering through the garden before I went off to work.


 The first thing I have to say is that my garden is not your average simple, uniformly planted showcase that some might expect. In fact, in the early springtime especially, when the perennials are smaller and not so filled in, you are bound to come across a few things that you’re not used to seeing in most gardens. I have the usual bird feeders and bird baths; there is a lovely gazing ball and there is even a hammock (one of my true guilty pleasures) that it is surrounded by some well used Adirondack chairs. Somewhere between those chairs and the first carefully placed teapot is where the normal garden design ends and my true personality begins.

I show the whole world (actually just my neighbours and passersby) my true colours by displaying old, but treasured and no longer useful, possessions all through my garden. Treasures like my son Daniel’s lime green gumboots (his favorites when he was 2 – he’s now 20) and they are sitting right next to a beautiful stained glass candle holder that was my Mom’s.


Years ago I ran out of bricks when constructing a new pathway and I had no other choice at the time but to quickly enlist the help of some of my chipped antique plates.


 I embedded them halfway into the ground all along the edge and to this day they continue to hold back the creeping Phlox and soil quite nicely. I have a wonderful collection of old teapots and as soon as they are no longer useable they go out to their new life in the garden! I have set them into the ground, at strategic points, and you would not believe how great they are at holding the hoses out of the beds as I wander around watering my plants.

garden-teapot.JPG  teapot-hose-guide.JPG

A couple of the weirder items you might stumble across in my little paradise are the old toy fire truck that is tucked under the Rhododendron and if you’re lucky you’ll see the faded wooden snail that used to be a child’s rocking toy resting under the giant cedar tree. I don’t want to give them all away but one of my favorites is the old chair from my Mom and Dad’s dining room set. It’s black rod iron, will probably last forever, and the seat is missing, so each year I fill that hole with a planter full of bright pot lilies. It’s just a chair to everyone else but to my family it’s a reminder of growing up and coming home.


The funny thing about my garden paradise is that the more I de-clutter the inside of my house the more I fill up my garden with that very same stuff. It seems my ‘clean it up and move it out’ mandate just does not apply to the out of doors.  I wonder what the couch will look like next to the hammock?

Happy gardening and have a wonderful time browsing through our catalogue… http://www.botanus.com