Nadia Ruth Fringed Dahlia

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Nadia Ruth Fringed Dahlia

Nadia Ruth Fringed Dahlia


There's something so soft and appealing about these huge flowers - they remind us of fresh linens and cotton candy - a strange combo but it works!

Fringed Dahlias display twisted petals whose tips are also split creating a one-of-a-kind fringed look. They are delicate-looking and their unique forms make wonderful additions to any cut flower bouquet. Originating from Mexico and Guatemala, these were the flowers of Inca kings and despite their royal origins Dahlias are amongst the easiest plants to grow in the garden.

They are a wonderful source of cut flowers and will provide a veritable cornucopia of colourful blooms for your bouquets from mid summer until the first frost. Hardy as they are, Dahlias are susceptible to cold so be careful not to plant them too early and be sure to dig them up and store them in a frost-free place before old Jack Frost comes calling!


Additional Information

Bloom Season Mid Summer, Late Summer, Fall
Colour Pink, White
Light Full Sun
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 4 in, 10 cm
Spacing 12 in, 30 cm
Size No. 1
Height 36 in, 90 cm
Hardiness Zone 0–11; Lift & store
Attributes Cut Flower