Organic Seed Potato Combo Pack

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Organic Seed Potato Combo Pack

Organic Seed Potato Combo Pack


Perfect for the hobby vegetable gardener with an appreciation for organic stock, this starter pack contains 500 g each of Carolina, Colomba & Gold Rush organically grown seed potatoes.

Seed Potatoes are probably the most popular home grown vegetable because they’re easy to grow and so versatile in the kitchen. You can plant them in rows but you can also save space and grow them in bags.  They require very little care and maintenance to flourish and will store for months over the winter. 'Carolina' is a red skinned, yellow flesh variety that are dought tolertant and cold hardy. 'Columba' produces yellow skinned, yellow fleshed potatoes know for their large size and yeilds. 'Gold Rush' is a russet skinned hybrid with yellow flesh. It is a premium baking and frying potato.

All three are considered excellent for winter storage. Just imagine serving a few of them up at your next grill party or picnic. You’ll never go back to store bought potatoes again! 

Additional Information

Light Full Sun
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 6 in, 15 cm
Spacing 6 in, 15 cm
Size No.1 Certified Canadian Seed
Hardiness Zone 0–11; Harvest & store