Cotinga Dwarf Narcissi

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Cotinga Dwarf Narcissi

Cotinga Dwarf Narcissi


Nodding blooms of pure white petals that are swept back - as though they're facing a strong breeze. The extra long pink trumpet adds charm and whimsy.

These Narcissi are easy to recognize not only because they are short in stature but also because they resemble cyclamen flowers: the petals flare back behind the little trumpet cup. They are among the earliest to bloom and the cheerful, sweet flowers are quite durable. They do well in rock gardens, borders, containers and naturalize well.

Additional Information

Bloom Season Early Spring
Colour Orange, Pink, White
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Shipping Season Fall
Depth 6 in, 15 cm
Spacing 6 in, 15 cm
Size 12/14 cm
Height 10 in, 25 cm
Hardiness Zone 4–9
Attributes Bee Friendly, Deer Resistant, Naturalizing