Dryopteris filix-mas 'Crispa Cristata'

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Dryopteris filix-mas 'Crispa Cristata'

Dryopteris filix-mas 'Crispa Cristata'


Commonly referred to as Male Fern, this lime green variety is very unusual with its fronds that look like curled parsley. It loves moist shady spots.

The Male Fern is a quick grower that is quite hardy and matures quickly compared to other ferns. It's a terrific choice for mass plantings because it doesn't spread like wild-fire with underground runners but rather stays in a clump. The Male Fern thrives in neutral to acidic, loose, richly organic soil and light to full shade. Perfect growing conditions would be a woodland-like environment where the soil would remain moist but well-drained. This fern will tolerate moderate drought once it is established.

Additional Information

Colour Green
Light Partial Shade, Full Shade
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 2 in, 5 cm soil coverage
Spacing 24 in, 60 cm
Size 2.5" plug
Height 24 in, 60 cm
Hardiness Zone 3–8
Attributes Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Naturalizing