Laura Fyji Triumph Tulip

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Laura Fyji Triumph Tulip

Laura Fyji Triumph Tulip


Named for a famous Dutch jazz singer, Laura Fyji tulips are bright, sassy and full of life!

Plant tulips in an area where they will receive at least 5 hours of sun each day. Excellent drainage is also very important so be sure to take the time to prepare your bed, ensuring it is rich in humus and has a light, sandy texture. Tulips do not require much further care to bloom well. Water if the weather is dry in the spring and deadhead before they go to seed. Don't remove foliage from any bulb plant until it is completely yellowed.

Additional Information

Bloom Season Mid Spring
Colour Orange, Yellow
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Shipping Season Fall
Depth 6 in, 15 cm
Spacing 4 in, 10 cm
Size 12/+ cm
Height 24 in, 60 cm
Hardiness Zone 3–8
Attributes Bee Friendly, Cut Flower