Scilla peruviana

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Scilla peruviana

Scilla peruviana

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Scilla peruviana is one of Elke's Faves this season...this is what she has to say:

Also known as the Portuguese squill, Scilla peruviana should be in every garden. It starts out as a small, cone shaped flower head with tons of little flower buds and morphes into a gorgeous umbrella of blue amazingness. I love that it blooms later in spring giving me a longer-lasting spring garden.   

Scilla peruviana is a stunning and unusual, clump-forming scilla with narrow green leaves and a beautiful flower ball of dark purple hues.

It's suitable for moist sunny borders. Scilla peruviana is of interest for its name; it is a native of southwest Europe, not of Peru. When Carolus Linnaeus described the species in 1753, he was given specimens imported from Spain aboard a ship named Peru, and was misled into thinking the specimens had come from that country. The rules of botanical naming do not allow a scientific name to be changed merely because it is potentially confusing.

Additional Information

Bloom Season Mid Spring
Colour Purple
Light Full Sun
Shipping Season Fall
Depth 3 in, 8 cm
Spacing 6 in, 15 cm
Size TOP size
Height 6 in, 15 cm
Hardiness Zone 8–9
Attributes Cut Flower