Acti-sol Flower Fertilizer

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Acti-sol Flower Fertilizer

Acti-sol Flower Fertilizer


Remarkably efficient for all your flowering plants! This specialized fertilizer is what you need to promote flower growth and keep your flowering perennial plants healthy.

Actisol is a (4-4-7) fertilizer that is made in Canada and approved for organic agriculture by Ecocert Canada, Quebec Vrai and OMRI. Actisol is a natural, first quality fertilizer with no filling, sludge or synthetic products added. It is made from pure hen manure but gives off no unpleasant odour. Dehydrated and granulated, Actisol contains a minimum of 90% dry matter and is efficient for all types of plants. Rich in calcium, an essential element for plant cell division and growth, this organic fertilizer is easy to apply - there is no need to dilute! Simply sprinkle as is on the top of the soil. The granules dissolve on contact with water. Nutrients are released with every rainfall and every watering. Pkg size 1.5 kg.


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