Bobbex Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate-.95 litre

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Bobbex Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate-.95 litre

Bobbex Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate-.95 litre


Tired of watching deer and rabbits eat your precious plants? Bobbex repellent will protect your plants from hungry herbivores.

Just spray the easy-mix non-toxic liquid repellent on your flowers and bushes and relax! The deer and rabbits won't eat plants sprayed with Bobbex.

Bobbex repels by both odour and taste by using fish oil, eggs, garlic and other ingredients to deter deer from browsing. The distinctive smell warns them the area has been treated, and the burn of the cayenne, though not harmful, gives them an instant reminder that they are not to eat your plants. Bobbex will leave a strong odour for about 24 hours. After this time the odour will only be detectable by the deer or rabbits.

And guess what? The plants don't mind Bobbex! You can spray it right on the flower blossoms. No staining or wilting.

Mix this 0.95 liter concentrated spray with water into a pressurized sprayer.

Coverage: 929 sq m

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Does Bobbex wash off?

No, the product is formulated to adhere to plant surfaces, preventing wash off due to rain and normal watering.

Is Bobbex safe?

Bobbex contains no petrochemical or synthetic components.

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Shipping Season Fall, Spring
Attributes Deer Resistant, Green Alternative