Yellow Wave Collector Series Tulip

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Yellow Wave Collector Series Tulip

Yellow Wave Collector Series Tulip

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Collector Series Tulip 'Yellow Wave' is one of Wendy's Faves this season...this is what she has to say:

These Darwin Hybrid tulips are prized as much for their foliage as they are for their large, bright and beautiful yellow blooms. I planted them last fall and was simply mesmerized by them. The thick and beautifully variegated foliage is riveting and stays looking lovely for as long as the blooms. 

You'll want to grow this one for the foliage alone. Broad yellow stripes on apple green leaves topped with bright yellow flowers. Simply super!

These hybrid tulips are the amazing result of cross breeding between Fosteriana and Darwin (Single Late) tulips. Darwin Hybrids are very tall plants and when their gigantic blooms open up flat towards the end of their flowering time, they can measure as much as 5-7 in (12-17cm) in diameter. They make a gorgeous display either in the garden or as cut flowers in a vase: a real show stopper!

Additional Information

Bloom Season Mid Spring
Colour Green, Yellow
Light Full Sun
Shipping Season Fall
Depth 6 in, 15 cm
Spacing 4 in, 10 cm
Size 12/+ cm
Height 20 in, 50 cm
Hardiness Zone 3–8
Attributes Bee Friendly, Cut Flower