Camassia leichtlinii alba

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Camassia leichtlinii alba

Camassia leichtlinii alba


This plant bears creamy-white, star-shaped flowers on willowy stems. Opening from the bottom to top giving you a long-lasting display.

Native to North America, Camasses are very hardy and do will grow in any normal to wet ground. Because they naturalize well, try planting a few in grassy areas, near ponds or in lightly wooded areas of the garden.

Additional Information

Bloom Season Late Spring
Colour White
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Shipping Season Fall
Depth 4 in, 10 cm
Spacing 3 in, 8 cm
Size 6/7 cm
Height 12 in, 30 cm
Hardiness Zone 4–10
Attributes Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Naturalizing