Grape Seedless 'Vanessa'

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Grape Seedless 'Vanessa'

Grape Seedless 'Vanessa'


'Vanessa' is a grape variety that was developed in Ontario. Not only is it hardy but it's mighty tasty too. Self polinating!

Known for its disease resistance and high quality fruit, 'Vanessa' is also self-pollinating. To get the best fruit production you'll want to consider providing a support system such as a trellis or fence.  'Vanessa' is best grown in deep, loamy, humus-rich, medium moisture and well-drained soils. The more sun you can provide the sweeter the fruit will be! The grape variety can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, including average garden soils, but it  must have good drainage. Although winter hardy to zone 5 it is recommended that you  plant in a location that is sheltered from winter winds and away from areas where frost can accumulate.

For the first three years attentive pruning and training will ensure its success. During year one, choose two dominant shoots and remove the rest. Continue clipping lateral shoots through the growing season, but don’t touch any of the leafy growth on the leaders. The next year, select the strongest leader and tie it to the top wire. Allow two strong lateral shoots to grow, trained to the top wire, and remove all others. In year three, prune some buds from the upper vines, allowing one every 6 to 8 inches, and train two lower buds to the bottom wire. Most cold-hardy grapes are ready for harvest in late September or early October, when the fruit softens as it becomes ripe and pulls away from the stems cleanly. Grapes take time to settle in and bear fruit but once established, though, vines will bear fruit for at least three decades.

Additional Information

Light Full Sun
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 4 in, 10 cm
Spacing 48 in, 120 cm
Size 2 year old Bare Root
Height No in – Vine in, No cm – Vine cm
Hardiness Zone 5–8