Paeonia 'Top Brass'

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Paeonia 'Top Brass'

Paeonia 'Top Brass'

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Paeonia 'Top Brass' is one of Wendy's Faves this season...this is what she has to say:

This Peony looks like a floral ‘bath bomb’ with colours ranging from white to yellow to soft pink. It’s showy, it’s fragrant, it attracts butterflies and is deer and rabbit resistant. Peonies are long lived plants and can be left undisturbed in your garden for years to grow and bloom like crazy.

'Top Brass' offers a triple layer of petals. The white blooms have white guard petals and a dense centre of white with light pink and yellow. Super special!

This herbaceous (soft stemmed) peony cultivar is a shrubby plant that, each year, will typically by mid-spring, bloom, display attractive foliage throughout the summer and early fall, and then die to the ground after frost. The fine foliage is attractive in its own right, the flowers are very showy, coming in three types: single or semi-double, Japanese, with one row of petals and a large center, and highly ruffled double forms. The colors generally range from white, light pink to magenta and red. It is best to leave them undisturbed, dividing them infrequently.

Peonies are one of the longest living herbaceous perrenials often found in older gardens, for once established they will survive neglect. One hundred year old peonies are not uncommon. Peonies are considered to be relatively pest free and ants on peony buds are common and totally harmless. If plants do not flower, possible causes include (1) planted too deep or too shallow, (2) too much shade, (3) late frost killed buds or (4) plant is too young or has been recently moved or disturbed.


Additional Information

Bloom Season Early Summer
Colour Pink, White
Light Full Sun
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 2 in, 5 cm
Spacing 36 in, 90 cm
Size Bare Root
Height 36 in, 90 cm
Hardiness Zone 4–8
Attributes Cut Flower, Deer Resistant, Fragrant