Picotee Yellow Novelty Begonia

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Picotee Yellow Novelty Begonia

Picotee Yellow Novelty Begonia


Picotee Yellow creates a cascade of colour and looks stunning in hanging baskets that are tucked in sheltered, shady spots.

Belgium Hybrid Begonias are well known for the extra large sized flowers they produce. If you love to make your own hanging baskets then the Belgium Double Pendula is an excellent choice. Picotee describes a flower that is narrowly edged in a colour that contrasts the main petal colour. This particular variety will produce large, double blooms of white edged with pink that will cascade in colourful waterfalls from your hanging baskets and window boxes.

To get a jump start on the growing season we recommend starting your tubers indoors for about 4 to 6 weeks. Remember, though, that Begonias are not winter hardy and cannot tolerate exposure to frost. In the fall, before the first sign of frost, dig up your tubers and place them in a loose bag of dry peat or vermiculite. Store them in a cool, dry place until replanting in the spring.

Additional Information

Bloom Season Mid Summer, Late Summer
Colour Red, Yellow
Light Partial Shade, Full Shade
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 1 in, 3 cm
Spacing 8 in, 20 cm
Size 6/up cm
Height 12 in, 30 cm
Hardiness Zone 0–11; Lift & store
Attributes Deer Resistant