Coco Puck

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Coco Puck

Coco Puck

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This 100% organic growing medium is an alternative to peat. Used as a soil amendment, it can break up heavy soil, build organic material into sandy soil and holds more nutrients so they won't wash away!

Made entirely from Coir - a coarse fibre extracted from the outer shell of coconuts. Unlike peat moss, which is harvested by digging up large tracts of wetlands, coco coir is a completely renewable resource. It is lightweight, odourless, pleasant to handle and uniform in composition. It can hold up to eight times its weight in water and holds eight times more air than peat. The soft, loose structure promotes easy root penetration and vigorous growth.

Sold as individual pucks. One puck is enough to pot an Amaryllis.

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Shipping Season Fall, Spring
Attributes Green Alternative