Crocus sativus Fall Flowering Bulb

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Crocus sativus Fall Flowering Bulb

Crocus sativus Fall Flowering Bulb

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Crocus sativus, or Saffron Crocus, has bright purple petals with darker purple veins and saffron coloured pistils. They love sunshine, well-drained soil and a little protection from the elements.

Looking for saffron....well you just found it! These small beauties send up wineglass shaped flowers that bring welcomed colour in the fading autumn garden. The grass like foliage follows later and continues to grow after the flowers have faded. Watch the blooms open in the sunshine and close during rainy periods or when it cools down at night. And if it's the saffron your looking to harvest then be sure to pluck a few of the orange threads to dry and enjoy in your savoury dishes!

Additional Information

Bloom Season Fall
Colour Purple
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Shipping Season Fall
Depth 2 in, 5 cm
Spacing 2 in, 5 cm
Size TOP size
Height 4 in, 10 cm
Hardiness Zone 5–8
Attributes Bee Friendly, Deer Resistant, Naturalizing