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Botanus Garden Club - Episode 215

May 28, 2020

Today's Show is a Special Treat!

Seeing as it's our last show for the Spring 2020 season we thought we'd close off this season with a visit to Elke's Floral Studio. If you're regular viewer of the Botanus Garden Club you know that Elke loves to share her floral designs with you. Well, she's taken it one step further and has now created her own YouTube channel of instructional videos. And they're all shot in her beautiful design studio. Tune in today to get a sneak peak at one of her creative floral design videos which we know will make you want to see even more.

You can find Elke's YouTube channel by just clicking here!

Be sure to subscribe to her channel because Elke is a powerhouse when it comes to floral design. Her goal is to inspire you to make your own floral creations and even if you don't her videos are fun and entertaining to watch!

~ Elke's Floral Studio Visit ~ 

Our question this week in the Botanus Garden Club was: which flower did Elke use in her arrangement? The answer is: daisy!

Thank you to everyone who watched and entered our contest. The three lucky winners are:

Karen C from Delta BC

Bernice B from Scarborough ON

Margaret P from Surrey BC

Each of the winners will be receiving a $10 Botanus Gift Card...sweet!