Episode 13-Natural Garden Solutions

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 13

April 25, 2013

Learn with the Botanus girls how to garden healthy and chemical free with natural garden solutions.

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Tip Sheet - Natural Solutions for the Garden

We received lots of 'green' tips this week...thank you to everyone who entered our draw. This weeks winners are:

Angela K. Dauphin MB - Bobbex Deer & Animal Repellant   Angela's tip:

My natural green solution for slugs is mixing 1 part ammonia to 9 parts water and spraying this on plants.

Christine E., Terrace BC - Earth Safe All Purpose Organic Plant Food Christine's tip:

I have a HUGE slug problem in my hostas and so found this natural solution.  Make a solution of water and household ammonia (4:1 or even weaker) and in the evening once a week - more often in the spring or with lots of rain - go around and spray your hostas using a regular inexpensive tank and nozzle sprayer.  Hostas love the nitrogen and slugs hate ammonia.

Nancy L., Barrie ON - Elimaweed Herbicide Nancy's tip:

I use epson salts to green-up my lawn once per year. It is the magnesium the grass reacts to--I think it is all natural salt.

Marla D., Winnipeg MB - Bobbex Deer & Animal Repellant Marla's tip:

When planting tomato plants, I put wet shredded newspaper at the root when planting as well as some powdered milk. Watering at times with diluted left over or expired milk. Apparently this helps to keep them moister and a type of fertilizer tomatoes seem to like. Also to prevent cut worms from sawing off the tender plant I’ll wrap the bottom part of the stem at ground level with foil. And of course we compost and use it in both flower and vegetable gardens.