Episode 112-The Vancouver Sun Garden Collections Spring 2016

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 112

March 17, 2016

 Join us for a special edition of the Botanus Garden Club!

 We have once again teamed up with The Vancouver Sun and their garden writer, Steve Whysall, to bring you some amazing Garden Collections for spring.

Did you know that these Garden Collections can be grown anywhere in Canada? It's true! So don't go thinking they're just for people in BC. No matter where you live in Canada you can grow and enjoy these fabulous plants and flower bulbs.

Pam & Wendy give you the low-down on these awesome Collections and share with your the best part of all: they're all on sale! We do have only limited quantities so be sure to reserve yours today for shipment this spring.

 ~ The Vancouver Sun Garden Collections Spring 2016 ~  


 A special show requires a special prize...in fact, we've got three special prizes to give away this week so make sure you enter our contest. Watch the show for more details!

 Click on the links below for more detailed plant info and video clips on each of the Collections: 

Double Double Daylily Collection

Easy Grow Perennial Collection

Fragrant Garden Gems Collection

Powder Puff Dahlia Collection

Skyscraper Lily Collection

Succulent Sedum Collection