Episode 117-How to Plant Dahlia Tubers

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 117

 April 21, 2016

 If you love Dahlias this is a 'must watch' Botanus Garden Club episode.

 If you want to enjoy the many wonders of Dahlias then we invite you to join Pam & Wendy in the garden as they demonstrate how easy it is to plant them. They have a couple of important tips to share with you so be sure to tune in - your Dahlias and your garden will thank you for it!

  ~ How to Plant Dahlia Tubers ~  


This week's question was: What is the right time to plant your Dahlias?

The answer is: late April and into May when the soil temperature is at least 15 degrees Celcius.

Our three lucky winners are:

Maria S. from Richmond BC

Anna G. From Sherbrooke QC

Joyce C. from Nanaimo BC

Each of these gardeners will be receiving a Wine Eyed Jill Dahlia coutesty of the Botanus Garden Club!