Episode 118-Summer Flower Bulbs in Containers

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 118

 April 28, 2016

 You don't have to be a master gardener to grow summer flower bulbs! 

Even though many of these types of flower bulbs are exotic-looking they are not hard to grow - as long as you give them the right growing conditions. In this episode of the Botanus Garden Club Pam & Wendy fill you in on an industry secret: grow them in containers and you'll be super successful. Tune in to find out more!

  ~ Summer Flower Bulbs in Containers ~  


This week's question was: What is the common name for Oxalis deppei?

There are in fact two common names: The Iron Cross or The Good Luck Plant!

Congratulations to our three lucky winners who will each be receiving a Botanus $10 Gift Card:

Eileen W. from Garibaldi Highlands BC

Pat M. from Winnipeg MB

Gail H. from St Stephen NB