Episode 119-Botanus Kids Collections Spring 2016

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 119

 May 5, 2016

 Do you have a 'little sprout' in your life that would like to get out into the garden?

The Botanus Kids Collections are the best way to get them started. Join Pam & Elke this week as they tell you all about how fun and easy it is to grow these collections. They come with everything children need to enjoy their time in the garden - fun and easy plants to grow as well as colourful garden tools to get the job done right. Whether it's colourful flowers, shade loving plants or berries the Botanus Kids Collections are the perfect way to inspire the next generation of gardeners!

  ~ Botanus Kids Collections Spring 2016 ~  


This week's question in the Botanus Garden Club was: What is the latin (botanical) name for Bleeding Hearts?

Dicentra spectabilis

Congratulations to our lucky winner Kathy G. from Port Colborne ON who will be receiving her favourite Botanus Kids Collection - Popsicles!