Episode 120-High Quality Garden Tools

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 120

 May 12, 2016

 High quality tools make gardening more fun!

When you spend so much time in the garden and fill it with beautiful plants it only goes to reason that how you maintain those plants is very important. Besides good water and soil, your garden tools should also be of the best quality. There's no sense in spending money of low quality tools that break easily or rust quickly and need to be replaced within a season or so.

Join Pam & Elke as they show you Botanus' selection of quality garden tools - sourced from the finest suppliers from around the world. Botanus only carries the best of the best and these tools will last you a lifetime!

  ~ High Quality Garden Tools ~  


This week's question was: Which famous gardener designed the Great Dixter Trowel?

Answer: Christopher Lloyd

Our winner this week (who will be receiving one of the Great Dixter Trowels) is Roy O. from Mississauga ON.

Congratulations Roy...we know you'll be enjoying that trowel for many years to come!