Episode 127-Novelty Lilies

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 127

March 16, 2017

 Novelty = Novel

It's as Simpe as That!

If you're perhaps thinking that 'novel' means 'difficult', Pam & Wendy are here to change your mind. Novelty Lilies are easy to grow, easy to maintain and provide that specialized look your craving. This week in the Botanus Garden Club we'll be featuring a number of special, Novelty Lilies including some award winning, virtually indestructible, fragrant, dazzling hybrids that 'play well with others'.

Remember: novelty simply means novel, not difficult or finicky.

  ~Novelty Lilies~  

Our question for viewers this week was:

Who developed the 'Black Beauty' Novelty Lily?

The answer is: Leslie Woodriff

Congratulations to our three lucky winners who will each receive a $10 Botanus Gift Card:

Gerald N. Mission BC

Wendy D. West Kelowna BC

Priscilla V. 150 Mile House BC