Episode 143-Continuous Spring Colours

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 143

October 5, 2017

Plan Now for a Floriferous Spring

We all get very excited in early spring as the first blooms begin to appear and winter makes its welcomed exit. But what about the rest of the spring season? If you're looking to extend those colourful blooms until early summer then today's episode if just for you. Join Pam & Elke as they give you valuable tips on how you can create a seamless array of spring blooms.

  ~ Continuous Spring Colours ~  


Congratulations to this week's winners whose names were drawn from the correctly answered question: Which flower was named after a garden in England? Wisley!

Our winners will be receiving a Botanus $10 Gift Card:

Melanie M. from Grand Valley ON

Taylor M. from Wadena SK

Joanna L. from St. Bruno QC