Episode 164-Chemical Free Weeding

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 164

May 17, 2018

Show Those Garden Bullies Who's Boss!

Weeds are the conundrum of every gardener. We've all been known to spend hours digging up pesky weeds only to have them return in short notice. All that weeding is hard on our backs and can be a frustrating battle. The whole point of gardening is to enjoy our garden spaces. If we all can spend less time weeding and more time enjoying our plants we're all in favour of that! Join Pam & Elke today as they give you seven easy-to-follow tips on how to control weeds - chemical free - in your garden...and then enjoy away!

  ~ Chemical-Free Weeding ~  


Our question this week in the Botanus Garden Club was which tool is ideal for small space weeding?

The answer is the Hori Hori Knife!

Congratulations to our three winners who will each be receiving a $10 Botanus Gift Card:

Betty B from Norwood ON

Laureen N from Chilliwack BC

Janice H from Burnaby BC