Episode 165-Smart Watering Tips

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 165

May 24, 2018

Ten Tips on How to Water Well (excuse the pun)!

It's getting to be that time of year when we can no longer just rely on Mother Nature to provide the water we need for our gardens. The correct usage of our precious resources of water is the responsibility of every gardener. Join Pam & Elke today in the Botanus Garden Club as they give you ten useful 'water-wise' tips. Your garden plants will thank you and Mother Nature will too!

  ~ Smart Watering Tips ~  


Thank you to everyone who watched and entered this week's giveaway draw. Our question was: how can you water directly to the roots?

Answer: sink an empty clay or plastic pot into the soil next to the plant (ie tomato) and fill the pot with water!

Our lucky winners of a $10 Botanus Gift Card are:

Susan L from North York ON

Chris S from Campbell River BC

Isabelle N from Richmond BC