Episode 169-Parrot Tulips

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 169

October 4, 2018

Let Us Ruffle Your Feathers with Parrot Tulips

And yet...they're just as easy to grow as standard tulips. Join Wendy & Pam this week in the Botanus Garden Club as they share with you their love of all things Parrot. Discover Wendy's special affiliation with 'Parrots' and Pam's reason to covet her sweater ;)
Parrot tulips have many wonderful traits that make them a must-have for any spring garden. Cut flower enthusiasts will love them too!

  ~ Parrot Tulips ~  


Our question this week in the Botanus Garden Club was: Which of the Parrot Tulip varieties we featured is considered an antique variety?

The answer is: Black Parrot

Congratulations to this week's three draw winners. Each will recieve a $10 Botanus Gift Card!

Candice B from Kamloops BC

Kim M from Westport ON

Ruth W from Telkwa BC