Episode 171-Creative Combinations

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 171

October 18, 2018

You Can Never, Ever Plant Enough Bulbs!

We've heard it often enough from our customers -  the regret they feel when spring arrives and those bare patches appear in the garden. We make it super easy to fill those spots right now with our Creative Combinations. All the work - except the planting - has been done for you. These beautiful collections are ready made designs featuring colourful flower bulbs that will light up your spring garden.

Join Wendy & Pam this week and be inspired to plant more bulbs!

  ~ Creative Collections ~  


Congratulations to our three lucky winners this week. Their names were drawn from the entries in our weekly contest. The question this week was:

Which of the Creative Combinations has flowers that blooms in early and late spring? It's the Dreamboat Annie Creative Combination!

Each of these lovely gardeners are going to recieve a $10 Botanus Gift Card:

Kathleen S from Belle River ON

Michele S from Glen Morris ON

Janet C from Vancouver BC