Episode 174-Winter Protection for Bulb Containers

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 174

November 8, 2018

Keep Your Container Bulbs Safe & Cozy this Winter!

Planting bulbs in containers is easy to do BUT you have to protect them during the winter. Today's episode is devoted entirely to providing you with all the tips you need to keep your bulbs 'safe & cozy' during the winter months. Join Pam & Wendy take the mystery out of protecting your containers over the winter so that your bulbs bloom beautifully in the spring. This must-see episode is entertaining and full of useful tips. So if you're planning on planting containers with your beautiful bulbs this fall be sure to watch this episode.

Your spring garden (and your bulbs) will thank you!

  ~ Winter Protection for Bulb Containers~  


This week's question in the Botanus Garden Club was what must every container have to be successful? The answer was: good soil & good drainage. 

Our lucky winners this week are:

Suzanne P from Toronto ON

Margaret F from Port Coquitlam BC

Alison B from Maple Ridge BC

Each will be receiving a $10 Botanus Gift Card...Happy Gardening!