Episode 176-Decorating a Winter Container

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 176

November 22, 2018

We're Making Good on a Promise!

During our Episode 174 Winter Protection for Bulb Containers we said that we'd be back with an episode on how to decorate those containers. Well...here it is! This episode is all about protecting and making your outdoor containers look festive and pretty.

Join Elke & Wendy as they lead you through three different and totally beautiful designs. With simple ingredients that you may even find laying around in your garden you too can make your containers look festive while at the same protecting your bulbs and plants. There's even an extra ribbon-making tutorial from Master Florist, Elke.

  ~ Decorating a Winter Container ~  


It seems everyone just loved these containers - especially the Woodland version with the mushrooms. We certainly hope that you try a few designs yourself. Our lucky draw winners who each will receive a $10 Botanus Gift Card are:

Monika Z from Toronto ON

Marie P from North Vancouver BC

Joan L from Campbell River BC