Episode 186-A Hankering for Hostas!

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 186

May 2, 2019

Hostas are the Potato Chips of the Garden!

The truth is, once you've grown one - you can't seem to stop at one: you want more and more. And why is that? Join Pam & Elke today in the Botanus Garden Club and they'll fill you in. In fact, they'll probably get you so excited about Hostas you'll be ordering some for your garden right away. Sit back, relax and prepare to be tempted!

~ A Hankering for Hostas ~ 


Our question this week was: which of the hostas we mentioned has red stems? Cherry Berry!

Congratulations to our three lucky draw winners:

Margaret S from Creston BC

Sharon T from Knowlton QC

Jacqueline J from Brampton ON

Each of the 'hosta hankering' gardeners will receive a $10 Botanus Gift Card. Perhaps to buy some hostas with?!