Episode 188-Edibles in Your Flower Garden

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 188

May 16, 2019

Good to Eat...Good to Grow!

This spring it's time to mix it up in the garden! Perhaps you already practice this technique but have you ever considered planting edible plants with your flowers? They can look fabulous together but there are also some really practical reasons to do this. Tune in to this week's Botanus Garden Club as Elke and Wendy fill you in on the advantages of mixed plantings.

~ Edibles in Your Flower Garden


Our question this week was: what do blueberries need to thrive? To be entered into our giveaway draw you had to provide us with at least one of the following answers: acidic soil, a sunny spot, room to breathe or pollinators.

Congratulations to this week's winners in the Botanus Garden Club:

Valerie S from Richmond BC

Christine H from Edmonton AB

Neil L from Kipling SK