Episode 190-Deadheading & Pruning

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 190

May 30, 2019

You've Got to be Cruel to be Kind

Well, at least a little bit when it comes to keeping your garden in tip top shape. Join Wendy and Elke in this very informative episode all about the benefits of deadheading and pruning. Far from being the daunting tasks that they appear to be - keeping your plants trim and fit is actually quite easy to do. You and your garden will be happy with the results.

~ Deadheading & Pruning ~ 


Our question this week in the Botanus Garden Club was: name one reason why deadheading is a good idea.

The most popular answer was: Deadheading is important because it helps prevent disease.

Our three lucky draw winners (each will receive a $10 Botanus Gift Card) are:

Mary Lee B from Vancouver BC

Kashmir G from Richmond BC

Shelley B from Langley BC