Episode 197-The Colour Advantage

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 197

October 24, 2019

 Take Advantage of the Colour Advantage

There is a reason why some colours evoke certain feelings or cause you to look at them first. Join Wendy & Pam this week in the Botanus Garden Club as they explore some of the science behind colours and how you can use flower colours to your advantage. Learn how you can enhance or create a mood, draw focus or simply have a raucous display of colour in your garden. See you in the club!

~ The Colour Advantage ~ 


Our question this week in the Botanus Garden Club was which flower colours to we see first in the garden? The answer is Red & Yellow!

Congratulations to our three draw winners who will each be receiving a $10 Botanus Gift Card:

Brian B from Langley BC

Carmen C from Val-Morin QC

Heather S from Port Colbourne ON

Thanks for watching everyone and we'll see you next week in the Botanus Garden Club!