Episode 200-Botanus Game Show

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 200

November 14, 2019

 There's No Stopping Us Now!

 Today we celebrate the 200th Botanus Garden Club Show and we've decided to have some fun & games. Join us today as Pam hosts the very first Botanus Garden Club Game Show. She has two very excited and knowledgeable guests on hand: Elke & Wendy as well as the Botanus Garden Gnome. Who do you think knows the most about the Botanus Garden Club? Play along and see if you can guess all the answers correctly. There's fun, there's prizes, there's cake!

Oh...and there's tons of laughs too!

~ The Botanus Garden Club Game Show ~ 


What a fun show that was! Our question this week was how many times did we say 'Botanus'? You'll notice that we added a banner near the end - before we cut the cake and showed the helium balloon bloopers that said: Each ‘Botanus’ mentioned after this point does not count anymore!

Based on this the total number of times we said 'Botanus' was 22.

Our prizes this week were two $50 Botanus Gift Cards. Our lucky draw winners are:

Linda S from North Vancouver BC

Cynthia B from St John's NB

Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who watched and played along. Here's to the next 200 shows!