Episode 212-Skyscraper Lilies

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 212

May 7, 2020

Touch the Sky With These Amazing Lilies!

Oriental Trumpet Lilies are often referred to as Skyscraper Lilies because they can grow anywhere from 4 - 8 feet in height. These lilies have been hybridized to give you the best of both the oriental and trumpet lily attributes. And what is the result? Well, tune in today and find out. Elke and Wendy are excited to tell you all about them: their wonderful features and how best to grow them in your garden. Trust us when we say that if you want a real showstopper in your garden then growing Skyscraper Lilies will do the trick!

~ Skyscraper Lilies ~ 

Our question this week in the Botanus Garden Club was: which OT Lily has the most colours? The answer is: Beverly's Dream!

Congratulations to our three lucky winners. Each will be receiving a $10 Botanus Gift Card:

Maureen M from Vancouver BC

Georgina C from Hamilton ON

Catherine C from Penticton BC

Thanks for watching everyone and we look forward to seeing you again next week in the Botanus Garden Club!