Episode 59-Planting Bearded Irises

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 59

September 18, 2014

In early September Botanus ships its Bearded Irises because they need to be planted in the early fall. Once you receive your irises there are a couple of important things to do when planting your Bearded Irises so we thought it best to show you exactly how to do it.

Join Wendy & Pam in the garden as they do a step by step planting. If you follow their tips you'll be sure to have amazing Bearded Iris flowers for years to come.

~ Planting Bearded Irises ~

We have our weekly winners!

The answer to our question - how many hours of sunlight do Bearded Irises require is 6 hours.

Congratulations to our winners of a $10 Botanus Gift Certificate:

Carol L. from Otter Point BC

Marilyn D. from Williams Lake BC

Deborah S. from Tatlayoko Lake BC