Episode 60-Container Layer Planting

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 60

September 25, 2014

Layer planting your flower bulbs in containers is a fantastic way to save space and...it's a lot of fun to do!

Join Elke & Wendy this week in the Botanus Garden Club as they do a hands-on demonstration of the 'lasagne technique'. It's a super easy way to plant up your containers with flower bulbs. The results will be amazing as layer upon layer come into bloom next spring. 

~ Container Layer Planting ~

Who knew container gardening could be so much fun? Be sure to watch this week's episode and enter our giveaway for a Triple Decker Delight Collection - it includes everything you need to create a beautiful spring flowering display.

Congratulations to this week's winner who correctly answered the question:

What is the most important thing to remember when choosing a container for planting?


Deanna C. from Delta BC will be receiving one of our Triple Decker Delight Collections.