Episode 62-Mighty Mini Daffodils

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 62

October 9, 2014

Remember the classic cartoon about Mighty Mouse - he was here to 'save the day'? Well, we've got some Mighty Mini Daffodils that are just waiting to do the same in the spring.

Despite their diminutive size they pack a punch when it comes to colour, quantity of blooms and staying-power. Join Pam & Wendy in the Botanus Garden Club as they reveal the secret power behind the Mighty Minis and share with you a few of their faves!

~ Mighty Mini Daffodils ~

Congratulations to Valerie B. from New Westminster BC.

Valerie correctly answered this week's Botanus Garden Club question: Since which year has the Rip Van Winkle Daffodil been around?


Valerie will soon be receiving her very 'Mighty Mini Daffodil Collection'.

Congrats Valerie!