Episode 88-Tiger Lilies

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 88

May 21, 2015

We'd venture to guess that Tiger Lilies are one of the most recognizable flowers!

They're known both to gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Their beautiful spotting and recurved petals make them a real standout in the garden but these flowers also have a few special features that make them even more easy and exciting to grow!

Join Pam & Wendy as they reveal the magic behind these traditional blooms and why almost anyone - anywhere can grow and enjoy them for years to come.

~ Tiger Lilies ~   


Congratulations to this week's winner Karen L. from Scarborough ON. Karen's name was drawn from the many entries we received answering the question:

What kind of specialized roots do tiger lilies have?

Contractile roots!

Karen will soon be receiving one of the Tiger Symmetry Collections so she can see those contractile roots in action :)