Episode 89-Growing Garlic

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 89

May 28, 2015

Are you interested in growing garlic but not sure where to start!

Elke and Wendy have got you covered in our latest episode of the Botanus Garden Club. You'll be a garlic expert in no time! In their usual fun and entertaining style, Wendy & Elke will talk about where to plant, when to plant, how to harvest and make some recommendations on some of their favourite garlic varieties. Yum! Just think of all the dishes you can create with your own home-grown garlic!

~ Growing Garlic ~   

Congratulations to this week's winners!

Judy S. from Vancouver BC

Betty P. from Calgary AB

Linda S. from North Vancouver BC

These 'garlic experts' now know that the right time to harvest their garlic is in the fall when they see 4-5 yellowing leaves.

Each will be receiving a Botanus $10 Gift Certificate...perhaps to put towards the purchase of some delicious garlic!