Episode 92-Heirloom Flower Bulbs

Botanus Garden Club - Episode 92

September 17, 2015

Plant a Bit of History in Your Garden  

Flower bulbs have a long and interesting history that goes back hundreds of years. Heirloom flower bulbs are ones that are tried and true and have been commercially available for decades if not centuries. Join Pam & Wendy as they explore the exciting history behind some of the flower world's most popular heritage varieties.

~ Heirloom Flower Bulbs ~   

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Congratulations to Debbie M. from Richmond ON

Debbie entered our giveaway draw and correctly answered our question:

Which of the bulbs we mentioned has been around the longest?

Poeticus recurvus Narcissi!

Debbie will soon be receiving our very special prize of the

Heirloom Flower Bulb Collection