Gaultheria procumbens 'Redwood'

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Gaultheria procumbens 'Redwood'

Gaultheria procumbens 'Redwood'


Clusters of delicate, bell-shaped, pink spring flowers produce exceptionally large, red, ornamental berries that remain on the plants from fall to spring.

This naturalizing ground cover is perfect for semi-shaded areas. It works well for planting beneath conifers and hardwood tree groves. Try it in and around natural water features where soils are sandy and well-drained.


Additional Information

Bloom Season Early Summer
Colour White
Light Partial Shade, Full Shade
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 1 in, 3 cm soil coverage
Spacing 12 in, 30 cm
Size 2.5" plug
Height 6 in, 15 cm
Hardiness Zone 4–9
Attributes Naturalizing