Hostas of the Year Garden Collection

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Hostas of the Year Garden Collection

Hostas of the Year Garden Collection

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Hostas should be the plant of the year every year and the ones in my collection have been bestowed with that honour by the American Hosta Growers Association. I love everything about hostas. Their foliage is great in any garden and perfect in cut flower bouquets, the plants are super easy to grow and most of them love the shade. Bonus! The hundreds of varieties in different sizes and variations are mind-boggling. You might just become hosta obsessed after this collection. I already am!

Elke Wehinger

Elke's Hostas of the Year Garden Collection includes:

1 Hosta 'Brother Stefan'

Hosta of the Year 2017. A beautiful large variety with a golden yellow center and green edges. I would call this a showstopper. Plant it where the whole world can see it. ... it’s that gorgeous.

1 Hosta 'Liberty' 

Hosta of the Year 2012. The thick leaves and yellow margins of the hosta ‘Liberty’ make this plant look very attractive. Once the plant fully matures it will completely wow you and you’ll ask yourself why it took you so long to get one of these stunners.

1 Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'

Hosta of the Year 2013. You can’t walk past this plant without noticing it. The bright green foliage in the early stage makes it look like you just turned on the light.  I love how it quickly develops dark green margins and shows off its thick, glossy leaves.

1 Hosta 'First Frost'

Hosta of the Year 2010. You get great variety with this gorgeous hosta. The golden yellow margins turn creamy white as they mature making you think you have two different kinds of hostas. The rest of the leaf remains blue-green and looks fabulous all season long.

1 Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'

Hosta of the Year 2014. A stunning variety with deeply cupped blue foliage. It is a slow starter and definitely worth the wait. I particularly like how the water pools in the leaves after a rainfall. So pretty!

Additional Information

Bloom Season Mid Summer, Late Summer
Colour Mixed
Light Partial Shade, Full Shade
Shipping Season Spring
Depth 2 in, 5 cm
Spacing 12 in, 30 cm
Size Bare Root
Height 16 in – 40 in, 40 cm – 100 cm
Hardiness Zone 3–8
Attributes Bee Friendly, Cut Flower, Deer Resistant, Fragrant